Family Time in California

What is more wonderful than spending time with family?  There are many things that top my list to make me happy, but family time, no matter how simple it may be, well, let’s just say I am at my happiest.  Being able to spend six weeks in California near my grandchildren just put me on top of the world!. I have so many memories to look back on.

We celebrated three birthdays and one anniversary while we were there.

All of us visited the tidal pools at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  The girls loved looking for creatures in the pools and then playing in the cold water.

Kayaking at Half Moon Bay was a blast!

We took the kids to Lemos Farms at Half Moon Bay to ride the ponies and get a pumpkin.  It was such a fun time.  Sadly, Kevin and Susie couldn’t go with us since it was a weekday.  The traffic and crowds on the weekend would had been impossible to bear.

The girls loved to help with the meals.  They were always pulling up a chair to stand on so they could just watch.

They can be the silliest girls, especially at bedtime.  You should just see their bedtime routine.  It is a hoot!

The Oatland Zoo was a big hit with the adults and kids!

The kids visited us at Half Moon Bay.  We all enjoyed the beach.

We enjoyed lots of meals outdoors, reading to the girls, playing games and most of all just enjoying being with them.

It was sad to say good-bye to them, but I am dreaming about the next trip to see them.  Oh my goodness!  I forgot to tell you, there will be a new arrival in March! Eliza says it is a sister, but we will be waiting for the birth to find out.

8 responses to “Family Time in California

  1. Loved loved loved these pictures and enjoy watching them grow. What fun. Another Crowell blowing in in March. Keep us up to date.

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  2. Nothing better than time with your grand babies. Such wonderful memories!

  3. I loved all your pics. Those girls are adorable. I can imagine how hard it was to leave. It has to hurt your heart!

    • Thank you Marsha. Yes, it is always hard to leave them. I feel very lucky to be able to see them as much as I do and to have a DIL who makes me feel very welcome into their lives and hers.

  4. Sherry, looks like you and Johnny had a great trip visiting with Eliza and Hazel and of course, Kevin and Susie. I know it was difficult leaving after your long visit. I loved your pictures; you got some great shots. Safe travels home. See ya in the Keys in January!

    • Thanks Pam. I miss all of them for sure, but they will be coming to Tybee in December! We won’t be arriving at JR ’til the 5th or 6th of January. See you then!

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